Alamo ISSA Quarterly Meeting

Maggiano’s Little Italy – The RIM 17603 I-10, San Antonio, TX 78257 Noon until 4:30 PM

Alamo ISSA November Quarterly Meeting and Elections

November 13th, 2018

Sponsored by Cylance

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Maggiano’s Little Italy – The RIM 17603 I-10, San Antonio, TX 78257 Noon until 4:30 PM

Benefits of attending Alamo ISSA Quarterly Meetings:

  • All of the Alamo ISSA Quarterly Meetings give you the opportunity to earn 3 CPE’s toward your certifications.
  • Network with other information security professionals in the area.
  • Lunch is included with your ticket.
  • After the meeting, a mixer sponsored by Cisco will be held until 6:30 PM in Maggiano’s Bar area.


Name: Ned Zaldivar – Cisco Talos

Title: TALOS: Behind the curtain, Recent Threat Vectors

Bio: Ned is an Enterprise Cisco TALOS Security Architect supporting Global 100 Companies.  He has been with Cisco for 18 years. Prior Ned had worked as an IT Network, Security and Server Administrator.  Ned has led discussions at Cisco Live as a Distinguished Speaker and has covered a range from topics from PKI, Remote Access VPN, Endpoint and Detect/Protect against Hacking Tools.

Name: Mike Herr, CISSP, C|EH – McAfee 

Title: Use Case Driven Security Monitoring

Abstract: Security Monitoring is essential to any security operation, but with blurred boundaries, thousands of users and systems, and millions of events it can quickly become an arduous task. How do you determine what to monitor, alert on, and respond to? The answer to these usually exist in the details of a well-defined security monitoring use case. This talk defines what a use case is, the process for defining and managing use cases, best practices and sources for generating new use cases.

Bio: Mike Herr is a Senior SIEM Consultant with McAfee where he designs, installs, and configures the McAfee SIEM. He advises customers on the integration of log sources, threat data and creation of content to meet their security monitoring and compliance requirements. In his 21 years of experience, Mike has worked in various roles such as system administration, information assurance, network defense, and security operations. Mike is retired Air Force and holds a Master’s degree in Computer, Information and Network Security from DePaul University and has CISSP, C|EH, and GCIH certifications.

Name: Scott Scheferman – Cylance – Senior Director of Global Services

Title: “Speed to Action” – The machine-speed endpoint and identity challenge

Abstract: As we lean into 2020, two things become apparent: 1) threats are happening at machine-speed, and 2) defenses need to be able to react autonomously, in real-time, in order to be able to interject the kill-chain. The new playing field requires anticipation, autonomous action, and high confidence. It is measured in microseconds instead of days. Attackers have pushed their intelligence to the edge device, and now, so must defenders. A key takeaway: Identity must become a new source of continuous high confidence. Let’s dive in.

Bio: With over 20 years of information security experience, Scott has performed in multiple roles in both the federal/DoD and commercial spaces. Most notable would be the Technical Lead and PM for a DoD agency’s certification authority, where he led a team of 20 cyber risk analysts directing over 800 validators (field security testers) around the globe in performing over 2,000 security assessments per year. In that role, Scott also made final security risk determinations on several high-profile cloud/SaaS adoption technologies, guiding a tiger team on developing custom security testing criteria, threat analysis, attack use-cases scenarios, and broader cloud-provider security challenges facing the program.